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So what on earth am I heading in to? Or maybe it is heaven ahead?

I like to meet people, chat and have a good laugh. I also like to lead people, as a preschool teacher at my work or in a project of any kind. I also like to sing and be on stage (even if it was a long time since I actually did that). Last but not least, I love whisky!

Do you think that is good ground for being a tastingleader? I do, but still I´m wondering if I´m good enough (anyone else out there having that thought after throwing yourself out in the unknown?).

There will always be someone who knows “better” and who are willing to tell me that, I suppose. But my philosophy about whisky, beer, wine and other nice beverages is that you should go by your own taste. Always follow your heart and my heart says I´m going to be a great tastingleader. What bothers me is that I´m not sure if I have experience enough. Not the thing about talking to a large crowd of people (piece of cake). Not the thing about managing a company (piece of cake). No, I wonder:


I´m getting close to have tasted 300 different whiskys/whiskeys this year . Well not really but 265 and there is still a little more then one month left of 2012. I have one serious tasting booked and will have at least 3-4 informal ones as well. And not to forget the advent calendar with 24 different drams to taste (but there might be a few that I´ve already tasted).

Am I ready? Oh, yes I think so. I hope to meet you all somewhere out there and have a long nice chat about our favourite subject and of course savour the flavor of the same..

Spent last Saturday at Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival.

So how many whiskys did I taste? The answer is five. Yes five!!!!! And still it was a dream come true! I had the opportunity to work at Symposions booth with more then 250 different whiskys to serve. Symposion is a big swedish importer of whiskys and other nice beverages. They work with independent bottlers like Sansibar, Gordon MacPhail, CompasBox, The Nectar, Cross Hill and brands like Springbank, Benromach and Nikka!!!!

I was Cinderella at the ball. Quite nervous but I had a wonderful time. I think I managed quite well even though I had to dress up in a pique shirt. I´m not a piquet kind of girl but I sustained it and quickly learned how to work the cash register and put the bottle pilots on the bottles!

It´s the meetings I love the most. Someone comes up and says -I want something smokey but not like Laphroaig or Lagavulin. And I say: – I have a 21 yrs old Bowmore from Silver Seal. It has the smoke but its smooth and complex and lingeers long. If you think its too soft I have a 16 yrs old that is a bit more “spikey”…….. And when he takes a sip of the 21 yrs old tears comes into his eyes……..and I chose it for him! Wow! That feels good!

So what did I actually taste? I had a dram of our own Mackmyra extrasmoke cask. 2 years and 2 months in the cask has given it a fruity, fullbodied roundness with the smoke from the Swedish forest surrounding it all. A year or so and its ready for bottleing.

A stop at the Danish Braunstein booth knocked me of my feet. Their private Olorosocask was one of the best things I ever tasted. That will be our next cask project. Interested to join? Send me a mail!!!!

A Banff from 76 and a Laggan Mill passed quite unnoticed. Nice but nothing to hang around.

But then…..Glen Grant 1955.

The last one I tasted. Wow! A sherrybomb without any disturbing sulfur or too sour wine notes! Just sweet, full, much, fantastic and wonderful! It lingered for hours and hours. I want a bottle!!! Only 6475 sek. Well I´m not Princess yet…just Cinderella so I might have to enjoy what I have in my shelves for now……….

But who knows? Maybe a dream will come true. Maybe I managed the day in the booth so well that I will get accepted to Symposions education for Certificated Tastingleaders.

I would love to be a Princess in that Kingdom!

Inspired by my Maltstock Friends I wanted to start a blog myself. So just to begin I´ll post a photo of one of my whiskytastings. It´s a tasting with snacks and food to find (or kill) the taste in the whisky!!!  If you do your tastings this way it will most surely lead the Tasters through the flavours of the whisky and beyond. It will be a “snackis” as we say in Sweden – something you just have to talk about! There will be more Whisky-Talk in my blog but for now I´ll settle with this little start!Image

Good Night from Me and my Guardian Highlander!