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Wanted to start this year with a few thoughts about memorable drams. The reason is that I lost a friend quite recently and it makes one wonder and remember things.

So the first dram to remember is Ardbeg Alligator. Image

It was late (or early), a Magic Midsummer Night. The light outside was turning greyish to announce that the dawn was about to break. Then Mrs.Wolfmoons sensitve nose found a streak of peat in the wind which only could mean that Mr.Wolfmoon had poured one or two drams of that precious new Ardbeg. As you all know I am a responsible person when it comes to drinking ( 😉 ) and through all those years of partying my motto has been After midnight – Only water! – So I thought that pouring a precious dram att 3 o´clock in the morning after a night of heavy partying was a waste of good whisky!

Did I get grumpy? Oh yes (as always…. I´m a grumpy old lass)! Did I nag? Again yes! But I can see the picture of my lovely friend wrapped in a fleece blanket on our patio, half asleep and sniffing that dram for an hour or soo with a few Mmmmmm…. accompanied by Mr.Wolfmoons -One could sit here and sniff this all night! And we did! Till 5 in the morning as we always used to do after those Magic Midsummer and New Years Parties. Today I´d scour all the whiskysites and auctions to get another bottle if I only could give it to you!

Ardbeg Alligator is for You, Annica!

What got me in to this mess that is the Whisky World was a Mackmyra Reserve.IMG_1702

 My friend Roger was going to collect somthing like 57 or 58 bottles of a sherrycask matured Mackmyra Reserve at Juuls in Copenhagen. All the bottles ended up on my parents kitchentable and I was one of the first to taste it. It stunned me! It was like nothing I ever tasted before and it dragged me into the Whisky World forever.  I´m going deeper and into darker parts of the Whisky Labyrinth and I like it. That first Mackmyra will always be there to remind me of the beginning, the origin and how it all started! And since I didn´t start my whisky journey with classic “Scotch”or aged maltwhisky my taste is wideopen and I can explore the tastes without any prejudice.

Thank you Roger for being my first guide into the magic of malt whisky!

(It is not “that” bottle in the picture…didn´t take many bottlephotos back then. Guess how may bottlephotos ther are in my cellphone right now?….)

Glen Grant 1955 (Gordon & MacPhail)glen grant

I had the opportunity to taste the Glen Grant from 1955 at Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival 2012. I had not been drinking many older whiskies and probably none more than 25 years old. This bottle is matured for more than 50 years so it was a big jump from young to old. And I was stunned! Again! What was most fascinating was that the taste lingured on and on. Even after a hamburger with onions and I brushed my teeth it came back!   It opened my eyes (and tastebuds) for older and more matured whisky. I still don´t think that older always is better (had some really awful old ones) but it is interesting to explore age and maturation and nothing beats a good old maltwhisky.

The Glen Grant from 1955 – is for the classic and age!

So Mrs.Wolfmoon has managed to write a Whisky blogpost without any tastnotes. Again!
I was thinking about writing more tastenotes in the blog in 2014 but that is more a New Year´s Intention than a New Year´s Resolution. Anyhow, there will be more blogposts in 2014 – that IS a Resolution!

So what is Calvados?CdLlogga

I´m sure you can look that up somewhere on the internet to find the scientific explanation if that’s what you want.

For me it was a total black hole, where I didn´t want to go until I had a very brief encounter with Christian!  And it wasn´t any Christian I had the fortune to stumble across. It was the King of Calvados – Christianestate Drouin,from the Coeur de Lion estate in Normandie.

Actually I was at my first whisky fair – Stockholm Beer & Whisky – in September 2012. A bit shaky and quite nervous because I had never been behind the counter in a whisky fair before. I chose the worst fair to start with – well at least the most busy one. And not enough that we had more than 250 different whiskies to serve, we also had some Calvados……. And the King of Calvados himself to present it…by my side….and I had only tasted Calvados one or two times before (and I didn´t like it).

When we got presented I told him the truth (or half of itChristian, I didn´t mention that I didn´t like Calvados) that I had no knowledge about Calvados what so ever! He kindly took me in and gave me a tasting and a speedlesson of his Calvadosrange. I was amazed. Well not so much about the Blanche the Normandie – which I found to be “a white dog” – but a bit more tasty! Blanche de Normandie is an appelbrandy.

Then Christian Drouin took a bottle, served me a sip and I was lost. The Wow-factor went to through the roof. I had no idea what I had in my glass but it knocked my hat off! It was sooooo gooood! What I just had tasted was some kind of celebration bottling. No longer available and very expensive. But if you want to teach someone about what Calvados should taste like – don´t give them the cheap factory stuff – give them a Coeur de Lion Vintage!

IMG_0731Since then I´ve had the opportunity to taste some more Calvados – some which I like – others not my favourites. One of my Calvados-teachers is Richard Fransson from Steninge Ädla. He gave me a lovely tasting of some different Calvados bottlings he had come across visiting Normandie and Coeur de Lion estate/distillery so I wasn´t a total ignorant when The Prince of Calvados – Guillaume Drouin, visited my tastingleader course with 10 different bottlings from Coeur de Lion.(YES 10).

I´m not going to tell you all about the Calvados I got to try. Just want to show you the essence of the tasting. Heres the lineup:IMG_0724

Pommeau de Normandie  –  Blanche de Normandie

Coeur de Lion Selection  –         Coeur de Lion Vsop

Coeur de Lion Hors d´ague  –  Coeur de Lion Vintage 1993

Coeur de Lion Vintage 1989  –  Coeur de Lion Vintage 1986

Coeur de Lion Vintage 1970  –  Coeur de Lion Vintage 1962

Guillaume was talking about the taste ”Rancio” wich is a taste you find in well matured Congnac and its also a discription of a flavour you find in fortified wine.I´m a fan of Sherrycaskmatured spirit BUT the worst Whiskies I have had has been sherrycask matured. And they all had this “Rancio” taste. Probably a leftover from the fortified wine – the sherry . If it get overhand it will give the distillate a bad taste of mushrooms and rancid butter (as mentioned in my blogpost “the advent calendars).

So when we had to vote for our favourites I liked 1989 and 1962 the most. I think 1970 and 1986 was had too much of the Rancio. I also liked the Pommeau de Normadie a lot. It is a 17% aperitif made of applejuice mixed with calvados before fermentation and then aged in oakcasks. I highly recommend it. Especially if you have friends who doesnt appriciate the high ABV of distilled spirit.

If you want to try some nice Calvdos go for the Coeur de Lion range from Christian Drouin. I´m loking forward to give some nice Calvadostastings and I can assure that I´ll start with the Pommeu de Normandie and I definitely will try my best to get two vintages, one with “rancio” and one without…..just to let you choose foryourself wich one to love –

Because you will love the Coeur De Lion.


So what is Calvados? Shortly it is “distilled cider” out of apples or pears matured in oakcasks, the same way whisky is “disitilled beer” matured in oak casks. – Google it if you want to know more! or for the Swedish market


or Swedish Firewater as it would be in English.cowboys indians

The name brings back memories of black and white movies with bowlegged cowboys and vicious indians. I can also imagine Zeb Macahan and Lucky Luke, two of my all time favourite heroes! Now I have found two other heroes to look up to, Peter Sjögren and Tommy Andersen – the guys behind the independent bottler Svenska Eldvatten.

Their first bottling Bowmore 2000 actually ended up in my whiskyshelf. Today it feels unreal to have it since everything they bottled so far is sold out. The layout of the labels are strict scandinavian and is very estetic for us up north. Yes I know Europe likes a bit more flashy labels but I hope all you out there can enjoy the scandinavian design as well as the fabuolous whisky inside. Or Rum …… because Svenska Eldvatten has the intention to bottle single malt whisky and other noble spirits as well. Their first rum bottling, a Caroni from 1997 has been very well recived and is also sold out!

I haven´t tried all their bottlings but a few:


Bowmore 2000 is one of the best Bowmores I ever tasted. It has the characteristic soft smoke from Bowmore but is a bit more mischievous than the destillery bottlings.  I like it with a drop of water – just the opposite from the Swedish who said it shouldnt be bothered with water,  ……. Well, we all drink our drams the way we want and I give this baby some water (unlike I do most of the times). Tastes sweet, a bit burnt and blooming. There is a lot of grapefruit! I like a lot (I´m an IPA kind of beergirl).

Caroni Trinidad Rum 1997 – When you pour this one for someone you will get the sweet, rich fragrance of wellmatured rum in your nose, even if you are giving the glass away at once. What will surprise you is the dryness in the mouthfill. It´s almost desiccating but with all the flavour from the nose. Strange it doesnt feel sweet………. Surprising and nice.

MalmömässanWhen I tried the Bunnahabhain sherry matured 1991 and the Bunnahabhain sherry peated 1997 the plain sherry was the best of them. But it´s not easy to get another try since there is no peated to find except with those lucky people who bought it. (well I tried them twice to be honest – plain won again so I am obliged to say I liked the plain sherry the most).

Me and Tommy Calner, had an internal competition between The Clynelish 1996 and Bunnahabhain Sherry matured 1991. They are both smooth and rich, full of sherrywood and has a lovely mouthfill. Which one is best? We callled it a tie in the end. They are both so good so why choose – lets give them both goldmedals! Here you can see us with Alexander Zaar from AZ Spirits at Malmö Beer and Whiskyfestival. Thank you Robert van Hal for taking such a great picture of Mrs.Wolfmoon (who´s not the most photogenic person in the world….).

At last I want to introduce you all to Glenn, a blendend malt scotch whisky!!! Named after all the faboulus Glenns who live in Gothenburg (google that if you don´t get it). There will be more Glenns to come – all different!

Glenn Batch 1 is a a sweet, peated “crossbreed” between Bowmore, Laphroaig, Glengoyne and two more “secret” distilleries. It´s stands nicely by itself but makes a good Glennish coffee as well. Yes I have tried it! Of the 250 bottles that will go on the swedish market in May I think 248 will be bought within days of Gothenburgers – and they are all to be congratulated!


Tommy & Peter enjoying a “Glennish Coffee” at Malmö Beer and Whisky festival!

These two gentlemen also represent the independent bottlers Archives from the Netherlands and The Golden Cask by house of MacDuff. They make sure we can get our hands on Deerstalker in Sweden (the 18 yrs Balmenach gives me all the sweets I need). And when it comes to Rum they import the drink highest in alcohol at Systembolaget (the Swedish government enterprise for liquor) The Tilambic 151 with 75,5% and the St.Nicholas Abbey Rum.

So keep your eyes open for Svenska Eldvatten – you won´t be disappointed!

All for now from

As a child I used to play in Mackmyra.Maltstock _1

Not at the destillery but in the area thats called Mackmyra. My cousins lived there and I had a really good time visiting them.

I was just slightly intrested in Whisky when I first heard about Mackmyra in whiskyterms. It´s a good thing to discover Whisky without being a snob, totally focused on Scottish Single Malt. You get an open mind to tastes from all over the world. So one can say that Mackmyra was the destillery that got me into this mess – an expensive hobby, gone overhand, to be a a business with me as my own boss – Taste Events by Wolfmoon. But thats yet another story. Lets focus on Mackmyra.

My friend Roger – Mackmyra and Whisky connoisseur – was going to Juuls in Copenhagen to collect his first private cask from Mackmyra. Over 50 bottles it was and we went with him as moral support. Later that evening he opened one of those bottles to share. It was an elegant Sherry recipe and it knocked my hat off!

I knew I liked whisky before that. I had had my fair share of Famous Grouse, Chivas and Glenfiddich. And I enjoyed it. This Reserve Cask from the little swedish destillery Mackmyra would expand my world in many ways.

mackmyraI am caskowner myself (you can see me in the picture from the Caskownerlounge at Sth Beer&Whisky festival) and I keep spreading the word of Mackmyra around the world. I help my friends to collect the bottles in Copenhagen and I have the opportunity taste their delicious Whisky.

Mackmyra was a crazy idea from the beginning. A bunch of swedish whiskyfreaks sitting in their mountainlodge for their own private after ski, having a bottleshare and the idea of Swedish Whisky popped up. 10 years later the first Mackmyra standard whisky, Mackmyra First Edition, was on the market shortly there after joined by Mackmyra BruksWhisky. The latter one a bit cheaper in price and lighter in taste but still the better of two if I can have my say!

The destillery launched a Preludium series that was a success… until the common whiskydrinker got their hands on it and took a sip. It was young, a bit unbalanced and not very nice to drink. Experts and connoisseurs  said it was good but they ment it had potential. Some people thought they should compare it with an 18 yrs old Macallan. Then it was quite awfull ……..

There you can say Mackmyra bit their own butt ……. I meet so many swedish whiskypeople today who says Mackmyra isn´t any good. They make this fault and that fault. It doesn´ttaste Scottish (is it supposed to?). Bla bla bad…bla bla yuk!

But the Mackmyra Special which has been  launched in so far 9 editions, is as they say themselves ”  a drink for special occasions and special people.” Matured in casks that have contained lingon and blueberrywine, raspberry or cloudberry wine and sauternes wine. Here´s where the destillerybottlings becomes interesting.

Then we have the Mackmyra Moment wich is an even more balanced and mature Whisky launched in 10 limited editions. And beeing limited brings the price up ….. A bit too expensive for the common Whiskydrinker. But here´s were the really good taste is showing itself. Some has the taste of juniper smoke!

I haOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAd the opportunity to attend a Twasting -a tasting over Twitter ( Thanks Sjoerd de Haan- Kramer, Colin Campbell and Angela D´Orazio). We blindtasted 5 Mackmyras that turned out be Special no.9, Moment; Källa (Back to the source), Skog (Forest) , Glöd (Glow) and the Whisky Honey Liqueur Bee.

I think Glow was the favourite with the other tasters. It had  quite some touch of juniper and swedish peat. Me myself, I fell for Moment Skog (Forest).

As they write themselves in their hompage – :

“The flavours of the forest flourish through this whisky, with a rich foliage of fruity notes of lingonberry and bluberry, gently wrapped in a light veil of smoke. The nose is a complex palette of berries and spicy cask notes.”

Whisky liqueur isn´t my cup of tea …. but it´s fun!

Even if I like the “Specials” and the “Moments” I find the real pearls in the Reserve Casks. I still havent tasted a bad Reserve Cask. But none has come up to the standard of that first cask we collected at Juuls ages ago. But that was pure magic and you can´t beat magic can you!

For you whiskynerds out there – give Sweden and Mackmyra a chance to open your tastebuds. There will soon be competition for Mackmyra since the other Swedish Whiskyprojects are getting closer to launch their “First Editions”. And there will be even more for you out there to taste!


72+1,121209 356

thats the amount of drams I had to taste in the Christmas countdown 2012.

Well it all started quite innocent. We, my beloved husband and I,  bought a whisky advent calendar to enjoy during December. 24 nice drams to share.  Just enough for a common weeknight when you have to drive early in the morning to get to work.

SO when did it all get out of hand?

It was when my husband got a big package to collect at the post office. In it was not only one but two whisky advent calendars- Our good friends in Gävle (north of Sweden, close to the Mackmyra Destillery) Roger and Tobbe had sent us an Adventcalendar each. Suddenly we had 3 drams a night to share.

It was fantastic and a bit stressfull. We didn´t have time to do the tasting one night. The next day we had to taste 6 drams. Missing two days would make 9 to try out and…well you see. We just had to keep up.

IMG_1358We did all the tastings blind. Most of them in our livingroom but one took place on the train to a nice tasting called The Classic Malts on Steroids. And we actually tasted  3 different Highland Park Samples from the Master of Malts first of all that journey. It was a happy evening.

I will not tell about all the drams but I will mention the one with the lowest ratings and those with the highest.

Lets start at the botton and work our way up:   Zero Points

Ben Nevis 10 yrsbottled 2008, 1st fill sherry Gorda, 453 bottles, “Hot Toddy”, SMWS 78.39, 54,4% Scotch Malt Whisky Society It looked so good with its dark redbrown colour. It tasted like butter wine and mushrooms in a very overwhelming way. Straigh to the drain.

1 Point

We will have to make a list here –

  • Tullamore Dew
  • Tullamore Dew sherry cask finish
  • Black Velvet (wonder why it got any points at all….),
  • Jim Beam Red Stag (Its not even Whiskey OR Bourbon. A bit fun though! No points for that……)
  • Auchentoshan 12 (? use to like their bottlings but this…..).
  • Swedish Wannborga Whisk (too bad…didn´t want to place a swede down here but…),
  • Glenfiddich Caoran Reserve
  • Amrut the Indian single malt (has got really nice bottlings but this one is ….)

We skip the ones in between. We will go straight to the top:

5 Points

  • Kilchoman 5 yrs 2006-2011 59% Bottled for Viking Line
  • BenRiach 15 yrs 1994 – June 2010, Cask 6695, Pedro Ximenez Puncheon, 752 bottles, OB for Japan, 55,4%
  • Elijah Craigh 18 yrs Bourbon 45% (if you say you dont like Bourbon…try this…delicious!)
  • Benromach 10 yrs 43%
  • Glenmorangie Nectar D`or 46%
  • Glenfarclas 9 yrs 1st fill bourbon barrel, 226 bottles, “A cornucopia of mellifluos sweetness”, SMWS 1.153, 57,6%

Best in show:      5,5 – 5,8 Points

  • Bunnahabhain 1968 The Family Silver, 40% (Sweetnes, sherry and sulfur in an almost perfect mix……)
  • Glenforres 12 yrs (Edradour) All Highland Malt, 26 2/3 fl oz / 75,7cl, OB, 75 proof.
  • Bowmore Cask Strenght 56%

We did survive december. In the end I had tasted at least 115 drams that month. Well maybe I shouldn´t say drams but sip of drams to be honest. Some less of,  others a whole dram. And I think I had some more that I forgot to write down. (Are you surprised I forgot ?) Couldn´t count all of them in the 346 different sorts I had tasted over the year. Had a few doubles in the calendars.

And what was that +1 dram then?

It wasn´t whisky. It was tapwater – matured in a cask for 30 days. It had absorbed 35 % of alcohol and lots of colour and taste. What points it got? Hmmm ….2,8 ……. Shame on me or shame on the established destilleries who couldn´t get up to 30 days old tapwater Devils Cut standard!

An early friday morning    

a small car just big enough for a Mackmyra Cask and four whiskynerds headed out for a whiskyadventure in Køge and Copenhagen.

Roger had been driving 700 km from Gävle (the town close to the swedish destillery Mackmyra) and Lilian and Yfke had been driving 830 km from Ruinerwold in The Netherlands. They were to spend a few days at The Wolfmoon Residence, in Bjärlöv, Skåne, the south of Sweden. We had a few tastings planned : A Bourbon Tasting, a Mackmyra reservecask Tasting and a Japanese tasting. But more about that later on….

Back to that Fridaymorning.

We all squeezed in to the car, The Cask in the trunk and The Dutch people sleeping in the backseat! Our goals were The Braunstein Brewhouse & Destillery in Køge and collecting 57 bottles of Mackmyra Reserve at Juuls in Copenhagen.

It was a lovely day and we arrived in  Køge Harbour just after 10 in the morning.A beautiful brickbuilding met us when we arrived. It was a lot smaller then I expected. braunstein

And as Michael Dines Poulsen Braunstein explain to us – Braunstein could be a lot bigger because the international demand for this Danish whisky is very high. But he and his brother Claus who runs the destillery wants to keep it smallscale and doesn´t sell all the batches away just because they can. They leave the most for the Danish customers so “everyone” can have a taste! Another thing is that they dont speculate in the price of their own bottlings. The price is the same even if they are soon going out of stock. I like that! And when one batch is gone ….it´s gone! Another one will fill it´s space on the shelves but the one thats gone will not come back again. They haven´t got a standard whisky that will be the same year after year. New casks will bring new flavour to their Whisky.

We looked around the destillery/brewhouse and then we had the opportunity  to taste a variety of Braunstein’s recipes and caskfinishes under Michael’s guidance. You can fill a 30-litre cask and follow its maturation in some of the warehouses Braunstein has to offer. I have one favourite that I already tasted at Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival – their unpeated Oloroso Sherry Cask. It´s a private cask but they made one destillery bottling in 2011 – The Braunstein Library Collection 11:1 that is close to those small Oloroso Casks.

My friend Roger brought a used Mackmyracask to have it filled with Braunstein unpeated Oloroso Sherry. It will lay maturing in the historic grounds of Kronborg Castel in Helsingør. The very same castle where a certain young prince called Hamlet had his whereabouts according to Mr W. Shakespeare. I hope we can go visit the cask while it´s attracting flavours and historical air!

Of course we did some shopping as well.

The crown was this Bunnahabhain embassyfrom Michaels and Claus own Embassy bottling. A cask chosen on one of their flyfishingtrips to Scotland.

The other bottles I got was The Braunstein Library Collection 11:1 (my dram att the stroke of midnight 2012-2013). Its so good with all the sherrytnotes and has a lovely mouthfill. The Mikkeller Black Rumcask is very interesting (Google that one). I also got a bottle of Rum from the Rumcasks that Braunstein uses to get a nice  flavour in their Whisky and Mikkeller spirit!

I must say that the visit to Juuls Vin & Spiritus in Copenhagen was a bit of a dissappointment after the lovely visit at The Braunstein Brewhouse. At Juuls they were probably waiting for the new year rush so we wasn´t even offered a dram …… They have so many nice whiskys in that shop and sometimes the prices are very affordable. Sometimes they are not! So I didn´t get anything from them this day (have spent a fortune there on other visits though). Roger only got his 57 bottles of Mackmyra and Lilian and Yfke got themselves one of The Element of Islay bottelings and something else that I have forgotten. As you see Braunstein was the profit of this Roadtrip.

If you are going to visit one destillery outside of Scotland this year, go to Braunstein in Køge. You will have a heartwarming welcome and some lovely drams.  Oh, almost forgot to mention: – Braunstein makes Craft Beer as well. We will look in to that another time.    Bryghuset

Well we actually didn´t eat in the snow,

even if we spent quite some time in it chopping down our Christmastree and having a Bourbon coffee to warm us with after the good but cold work.

Sweden has been covered with layers and layers of snow the last weeks and today, one week before the big X-day, it starts melting….

Back to the essentials – WHISKYDINNER!Granmiddag

It was our turn to host the annual “Christmastreedinner”. We chop the tree with another family and then one of the families cook dinner and prepare for the Christmas gift exchange. This year we had the honour of hosting the event.

So what can one do to impress good friends with a taste for the exclusive and special? A three course whiskydinner accompanied with some nice beers of course!

Welcomedrink – Homemade Glögg (Glüwine) made of Chardonnay and Mackmyra Special No.8

Starter – 3 Swedish Knäckebröd (crispbread) with different toppings to  match the Whisky. We had Blanche de Namur Witbier and Braunstein Christmas ale to quench our thirst.


No.1 Arran Amaronecask – Cream cheese with Gruyère, Ruccola and Créma di Balsamico

No.2 Laphroaig Triplewood- Salmon Tartare with dill, lemon, mustard and cremefraiche.

No.3 Orangerie/Compass Box – Cream cheese with saffron, candied orangepeel and thyme.

The Blanch de Namur ( a bit flat) went surprisingly well with the salmon and Laphroaig.

Main Course – Charcoal grilled Pokfillet marinated in Smokey Islay Whisky, Ileach and Ardbeg Ten, accompanied by a whiskysause based on the same whiskies, potatowedges and a fresh salad. Ardbeg Gallileo or Alligator in the glasses and Sierra Nevada Torpedo extra Ipa and Schneider Weisse Tap 6 to wash it all down.

Dessert – Sticky Toffée Pudding with Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and Bushmill 16. A local winterbeer, kind of Christmas-spiced stout, “Charlis vinter” was perfect with the sweet Tofféesause and the spices in the sponge.

After opening the Christmasgifts we had to taste ours – Yoichi 10. Japanese acquaintances are always nice and this one particularly!121209 013

We ended the evning with a Stout-tasting at 1am. The line up wasn´t fair becuse we had a bottle of Kilkenny in it and Yes, I know it´s not a stout but a beer I enjoy down the pub (or used to…) At 1am after a tasty evening competing with a Guiness (bottled though. Not the best way to enjoy your Guinness) a Coffee Stout from Sjoerd de Haan and BrewDog Rip Tide it fell flat!

It was a dead heat between Sjoerds Stout and the Rip Tide. Way to go Sjoerd! Not bad competition there!

Today, The Day After, I´ll have to taste 6 different drams. Didn´t have time to taste the 3 adventcalendars we have yesterday so we have to catch up quickly, otherwise it will all go out of hand. Missing 2 days makes a tasting of 9…3 days=12. No, we have to keep up! Will let you know more about the calendars…when we have finished the 72+1 drams.

Now I´m going to make some “Dreams” with my youngest son. And they are almost as tasty as a Whiskydinner!