I had the opportunity to swop some samples with Bert Dexters – one of the twelve friends who started the independent bottler Liquid Art in Belgium 2014.osprey - Kopia

Liquid Art aims to bottle 4-6 Whiskys a year and then complete the lineup with one or two bottling of either Cognac, Rum, Grappa or other distilled spirits. They chose casks that tick the owners boxes and to my opinion there is no other way to run an independent bottling company. Your own taste has to decide what to bottle and hopefully you will find lots of customers who has the same taste.

Bert Dexters and Serge Reijnders are responsible for the selection of the whisky’s and spirits and as Bert says: ”If Serge and myself do not stand behind the selection 200%, we don’t select.”

Bert continues: “We don’t do this for a living, just our passion so quality is the number one criteria.”


Here with the Artist Raymond Minnen

 “The intention is to work with artists for the label design.

We provide the spirit, the artist provides the label.

Always starting from a blank canvas, we don’t interfere with the artwork at all.

Unless socially unacceptable/political off-course.”


Read more about the  artists: http://www.liquidart.be/?page_id=103&lang=en

Bert Dexters is one of the founding members of the award winning whisky club “Cask Six”, established in Mol Belgium 2004. The club hosted a whisky forum between 2004 and 2012, much used by Dutch and Belgian whisky enthusiasts. Later other social media took over the function of the forum, same as in Sweden.

A little sidetrack:whisky merc2

One of the other founding members of whisky club Cask Six is Jürgen Vromans, known as independent bottler The Whisky Mercenary – you can find his whisky here: http://www.thewhiskymercenary.be/

He became Whisky Ambassador this year at the Belgian Whisky Awards. Jürgen has no relation to Liquid Art though.

We might see upcoming bottlings from Caol Ila, Ben Nevis, Glenfarclas and Amrut since that is afew of Berts favourite destilleries. Clynelish has already been bottled (taste notes further down).

Serge Reijnders is founding members of the whiskyclub Glashelder, established in Mol Belgium in 2014.Serge is collector of BenRiach 1976 single casks and is also fond of Tomatin 1976 single casks. Hopefully we will get a few bottling from those distilleries as well.

Liquid Art regularly host tastings, visit whisky festivals (Ghent, Oostende Lindores, Whisky Fair, etc. …) so there is a good opportunity that you will run in to them somewhere in the European whisky world. If you don´t travel much you can find information and bottlings at: http://www.liquidart.be/


Bert sent me five single malt samples and two Rum samples – one from the renowned Caroni distillery. And as you all know we all have different taste so My tastenotes are truly Mine.

I have tasted quite a few bottling of Clynelish from 1997 and they are all fairly different in taste. The best so far is the one bottled by The Whisky Cask for The Dutch Whisky Society.

clynelishliquidartThis Clynelish1997-2014 53,3% is a nice mix of toffee (Swedish toffeebeans), sweetness, some meaty notes and the fruit is in the background building a solid ground for the whisky. It do have a tang of wet military tent (militärt överskottsbolag – in Swedish). Yes I know its not an “established taste” but I do find it quite often in whisky and it´s not all bad…it actually adds an interesting twist.


Glentauchers1996Glentauchers 1996-2016 51,9%. Again some toffee and sweetness. It is full bodied with some heat and vanilla. The fruit emerge in the finish and you have lovely caramelized fruit pies in your mouth. With water you get a cheesy note, maybe goats cheese. It can absolutely stand some water. It softens the initial heat.


I had my hopes up for the Glen Elgin 1995-2014 49,3% since one of the drams I do remember very foundly is a 1995 Glen Elgin from Creative Whisky Company. This didn’t match that dram (but I´m not sure I ever will find one that will do). Still with some time in the glass it brings out the balance in the whisky. Classic malty notes, fruit and sweetness. When I go back to nose it I find a hint of blueberries that is very appealing.




The Bunnahabhain 1987-2014 51,3% had a nose of “old whisky”. I really liked it. A wonderful balance of fruit, sweetness and minerals. Vanilla, a hint of coconut and library. The finish I quite dry and brings notes of wine when watered. This I would like a bottle of. But “Bunna” is a favourite distillery for me.







Leadig 2004-2014 51,6% was the youngest whisky we tasted. I found it a bit closed without water with some soft smokieness but when watered it became lovely sooty and still soft and very full of taste. More smoke than peat, wet fireplace and grapefruit. The finish was long and sooty. Bottled at just the right time.


You will find Liquid Art and their bottlings here: http://www.liquidart.be/ and hopefully you will enjoy their upcoming bottlings. Most of the last ones are sold out,  but I can tease you with  a special Cognac and an older grain Whisky coming up!

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