Age matters….IMG_4206 In whisky, in life and in cheese! Well age matters a lot and sometimes older is better other times the young is the best. Who would like a glass of old milk?

I do like a lot of NAS whiskies as well as the age stated ones. An Invergordon only 9 years old from Svenska Eldvatten is marvelous while I´m not too happy about the 30 yo Glenfarclas.  It does look good to show off old, expensive and rare stuff but to my opinion it´s not always better.

This time I put together two lineups to celebrate 21 years of engagement and 25 years together with my husband – Mr. Wolfmoon.

And it delivered…..Wow what lineups it was. So in this case age was good.

The 21 yo lineupIMG_4191

Springbank OB

Old Pultney OB

Bunnahabhain Whiskybroker 1991

Imperial TWA 1990

Craigellachie 1973

Mortlach Signatory 1991IMG_4195

Glendronach Single cask oloroso The Nectar 1993

They were all great. For me the Old Pultney was the best and Bunnahabhain the weakest with a little artificial tone to the taste, but all really enjoyable. A lot of “old whisky” notes in them with the Glendronach being the most heavily sherried one and Springbank the only one with a hint of smoke.

Old Pultney 21 yo OB

Nose: Fruit, full bodied vanilla and fruit. Some oakiness. Old Whisky notes. With water a bit lighter more fruity and some sweetness.

Palate: More of the Old Whisky. Smooth and Full-bodied.  Vanilla and light oak and lots of sweet fruit. With water the lightness from the nose follows in the taste as well.

Finish: Long and lingering. Lighter with water but still hanging on.

Tasting Whisky in different places gives you a different experience of the whisky. Sitting in the sun, by the sea, with the love of your life takes the tasting to another level. Still I do think that this was a lineup of 21 yrs old that is top notch. Anyway it was a fantastic way to celebrate 21 years of engagement to my Mr. Wolfmoon.IMG_4193TEbW_Logga