med lagerhusUp in the north of Sweden You can find BOX Distillery. They make the most marvelous “White Dog” you can imagine. Fruity, full of flavor and with a high drinkability.

It´s beautifully located, have all the water resources it needs and have the most dedicated people working with the product, from idea through finances to creating the whisky.

The team seems happy and supportive. They invite people to interact in many ways like the BOX Whisky Academy, spoiling their ambassadors with treats and exclusive offers (Mackmyra  –  you could learn from this!) and spend hours and hours out in the country spreading the BOX evangelism through tastings and fairs. ankareSelling “Ankare”, casks about 40 liters of all different kind of high quality oak, to enthusiastic whisky people wanting to own their own whisky cask. . Brilliant marketing I would say!

So – brilliant marketing, fabulous location, engaged people and a…

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