med lagerhusUp in the north of Sweden You can find BOX Distillery. They make the most marvelous “White Dog” you can imagine. Fruity, full of flavor and with a high drinkability.

It´s beautifully located, have all the water resources it needs and have the most dedicated people working with the product, from idea through finances to creating the whisky.

The team seems happy and supportive. They invite people to interact in many ways like the BOX Whisky Academy, spoiling their ambassadors with treats and exclusive offers (Mackmyra  –  you could learn from this!) and spend hours and hours out in the country spreading the BOX evangelism through tastings and fairs. ankareSelling “Ankare”, casks about 40 liters of all different kind of high quality oak, to enthusiastic whisky people wanting to own their own whisky cask. . Brilliant marketing I would say!

So – brilliant marketing, fabulous location, engaged people and a loads of competence – now over to the whisky itself.

They call their first releases”The Early Days”. In that range you have The Pioneer, The Challenger, The Explorer  (june 2015) and The Messenger (december 2015). They also released The Festivle 2014 and Festival 2015 will be relesed in the end of June 2015 when they have their own BOX Whisky Festival at the distillery. They invite friends as well so there is a wide range of whiskies to taste at the festival. In January the released 700 bottles of Archipelago – exclusively for the visitor at the Floating Cinderella Whisky Fair. Well I saw blood in the line for Archipelago….. The Box bottles are very hyped and big collectors items. So unfortunately I have´nt got my hands on any but the Archipelago – and No, I didn´t bleed to get it!

Oops, almost forgot – Box tries to educate us whiskylovers as well – I did get my hand on their Advanced Masterclass No1: Its about oak and charring the casks. Haven´t got the time to sit down and taste/work with it it but I will. Probably first “open” then “blind” to see if I learned anything about the levels of charring and their impact on taste in whisky.

Now here is my (3rd) take on:glas

The Pioneer NAS 48,1%

A vatting of many different casks:  50 % unpeated whisky 3 yrs on bourbon-ankare (40 litres) 35 % peated  whisky (31ppm) 3 yrs on bourbon-ankare (40 litres) 15 % unpeated whisky 2 yrs on 200-litres bourboncasks +1 yrs 100-litres new Swedish charred oak casks. Natural colour and non chill filtered.

Nose: Oaky and feinty. A bit of plum spirit. Baked apples with a hint of “peel”bitternes and something wine like. Some soft smokiness. With water the smoke disappears and gives room for acidity, fruit, feints, and wine.

Palate:  Young, a bit messy but not to sprawling. Sweetness, liquorices, black pepper some violets and a bit feinty in the back. Water doesn´t make it better or worse – just different. It opens op for some fudge and that is nice.

Finish: All of the above follows….but suddenly saffron…..lots of saffron lingers on and on when the glass is empty. Strange but not amiss.


The Pioneer was not a hit when I tried it the first and second time but now – Wow I like this young little feisty one! It is complex in its youth….. What could possibly have changed from when I tried it a first? Air…… This sample came from an opened bottled but not opened for long and not so much taken from it. It had been poured into a sample bottle and then into my glass for a 15 min rest or so. Could air be the thing? Tried it the first time in late spring (like now) and then in the summer….and not blind….Was my expectations too high? Loved their white dog, 7 months spirit and the “almost there whisky” 2,7 yrs old.  When I knew what I had in the glass it couldn´t live up to it? I don´t know, but I am obliged to change my mind am I not? I do that now – I find an aired dram of BOX single Malt The Pioneer very drinkable. 83 Points (or something…I´m not too fond of points really)!

Want to know more about BOX Swedish Single Malt – go to their homepage, mostly still in Swedish – change that asap BOX – (or send me a mail me and I´ll translate it for you) Box_Logotyp_Pos_Highres

Maybe you will meet The Explorer here on Mrs Wolfmoons Whisky sooner than you think!