or Swedish Firewater as it would be in English.cowboys indians

The name brings back memories of black and white movies with bowlegged cowboys and vicious indians. I can also imagine Zeb Macahan and Lucky Luke, two of my all time favourite heroes! Now I have found two other heroes to look up to, Peter Sjögren and Tommy Andersen – the guys behind the independent bottler Svenska Eldvatten.

Their first bottling Bowmore 2000 actually ended up in my whiskyshelf. Today it feels unreal to have it since everything they bottled so far is sold out. The layout of the labels are strict scandinavian and is very estetic for us up north. Yes I know Europe likes a bit more flashy labels but I hope all you out there can enjoy the scandinavian design as well as the fabuolous whisky inside. Or Rum …… because Svenska Eldvatten has the intention to bottle single malt whisky and other noble spirits as well. Their first rum bottling, a Caroni from 1997 has been very well recived and is also sold out!

I haven´t tried all their bottlings but a few:


Bowmore 2000 is one of the best Bowmores I ever tasted. It has the characteristic soft smoke from Bowmore but is a bit more mischievous than the destillery bottlings.  I like it with a drop of water – just the opposite from the Swedish who said it shouldnt be bothered with water,  ……. Well, we all drink our drams the way we want and I give this baby some water (unlike I do most of the times). Tastes sweet, a bit burnt and blooming. There is a lot of grapefruit! I like a lot (I´m an IPA kind of beergirl).

Caroni Trinidad Rum 1997 – When you pour this one for someone you will get the sweet, rich fragrance of wellmatured rum in your nose, even if you are giving the glass away at once. What will surprise you is the dryness in the mouthfill. It´s almost desiccating but with all the flavour from the nose. Strange it doesnt feel sweet………. Surprising and nice.

MalmömässanWhen I tried the Bunnahabhain sherry matured 1991 and the Bunnahabhain sherry peated 1997 the plain sherry was the best of them. But it´s not easy to get another try since there is no peated to find except with those lucky people who bought it. (well I tried them twice to be honest – plain won again so I am obliged to say I liked the plain sherry the most).

Me and Tommy Calner, had an internal competition between The Clynelish 1996 and Bunnahabhain Sherry matured 1991. They are both smooth and rich, full of sherrywood and has a lovely mouthfill. Which one is best? We callled it a tie in the end. They are both so good so why choose – lets give them both goldmedals! Here you can see us with Alexander Zaar from AZ Spirits at Malmö Beer and Whiskyfestival. Thank you Robert van Hal for taking such a great picture of Mrs.Wolfmoon (who´s not the most photogenic person in the world….).

At last I want to introduce you all to Glenn, a blendend malt scotch whisky!!! Named after all the faboulus Glenns who live in Gothenburg (google that if you don´t get it). There will be more Glenns to come – all different!

Glenn Batch 1 is a a sweet, peated “crossbreed” between Bowmore, Laphroaig, Glengoyne and two more “secret” distilleries. It´s stands nicely by itself but makes a good Glennish coffee as well. Yes I have tried it! Of the 250 bottles that will go on the swedish market in May I think 248 will be bought within days of Gothenburgers – and they are all to be congratulated!


Tommy & Peter enjoying a “Glennish Coffee” at Malmö Beer and Whisky festival!

These two gentlemen also represent the independent bottlers Archives from the Netherlands and The Golden Cask by house of MacDuff. They make sure we can get our hands on Deerstalker in Sweden (the 18 yrs Balmenach gives me all the sweets I need). And when it comes to Rum they import the drink highest in alcohol at Systembolaget (the Swedish government enterprise for liquor) The Tilambic 151 with 75,5% and the St.Nicholas Abbey Rum.

So keep your eyes open for Svenska Eldvatten – you won´t be disappointed!

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