As a child I used to play in Mackmyra.Maltstock _1

Not at the destillery but in the area thats called Mackmyra. My cousins lived there and I had a really good time visiting them.

I was just slightly intrested in Whisky when I first heard about Mackmyra in whiskyterms. It´s a good thing to discover Whisky without being a snob, totally focused on Scottish Single Malt. You get an open mind to tastes from all over the world. So one can say that Mackmyra was the destillery that got me into this mess – an expensive hobby, gone overhand, to be a a business with me as my own boss – Taste Events by Wolfmoon. But thats yet another story. Lets focus on Mackmyra.

My friend Roger – Mackmyra and Whisky connoisseur – was going to Juuls in Copenhagen to collect his first private cask from Mackmyra. Over 50 bottles it was and we went with him as moral support. Later that evening he opened one of those bottles to share. It was an elegant Sherry recipe and it knocked my hat off!

I knew I liked whisky before that. I had had my fair share of Famous Grouse, Chivas and Glenfiddich. And I enjoyed it. This Reserve Cask from the little swedish destillery Mackmyra would expand my world in many ways.

mackmyraI am caskowner myself (you can see me in the picture from the Caskownerlounge at Sth Beer&Whisky festival) and I keep spreading the word of Mackmyra around the world. I help my friends to collect the bottles in Copenhagen and I have the opportunity taste their delicious Whisky.

Mackmyra was a crazy idea from the beginning. A bunch of swedish whiskyfreaks sitting in their mountainlodge for their own private after ski, having a bottleshare and the idea of Swedish Whisky popped up. 10 years later the first Mackmyra standard whisky, Mackmyra First Edition, was on the market shortly there after joined by Mackmyra BruksWhisky. The latter one a bit cheaper in price and lighter in taste but still the better of two if I can have my say!

The destillery launched a Preludium series that was a success… until the common whiskydrinker got their hands on it and took a sip. It was young, a bit unbalanced and not very nice to drink. Experts and connoisseurs  said it was good but they ment it had potential. Some people thought they should compare it with an 18 yrs old Macallan. Then it was quite awfull ……..

There you can say Mackmyra bit their own butt ……. I meet so many swedish whiskypeople today who says Mackmyra isn´t any good. They make this fault and that fault. It doesn´ttaste Scottish (is it supposed to?). Bla bla bad…bla bla yuk!

But the Mackmyra Special which has been  launched in so far 9 editions, is as they say themselves ”  a drink for special occasions and special people.” Matured in casks that have contained lingon and blueberrywine, raspberry or cloudberry wine and sauternes wine. Here´s where the destillerybottlings becomes interesting.

Then we have the Mackmyra Moment wich is an even more balanced and mature Whisky launched in 10 limited editions. And beeing limited brings the price up ….. A bit too expensive for the common Whiskydrinker. But here´s were the really good taste is showing itself. Some has the taste of juniper smoke!

I haOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAd the opportunity to attend a Twasting -a tasting over Twitter ( Thanks Sjoerd de Haan- Kramer, Colin Campbell and Angela D´Orazio). We blindtasted 5 Mackmyras that turned out be Special no.9, Moment; Källa (Back to the source), Skog (Forest) , Glöd (Glow) and the Whisky Honey Liqueur Bee.

I think Glow was the favourite with the other tasters. It had  quite some touch of juniper and swedish peat. Me myself, I fell for Moment Skog (Forest).

As they write themselves in their hompage – :

“The flavours of the forest flourish through this whisky, with a rich foliage of fruity notes of lingonberry and bluberry, gently wrapped in a light veil of smoke. The nose is a complex palette of berries and spicy cask notes.”

Whisky liqueur isn´t my cup of tea …. but it´s fun!

Even if I like the “Specials” and the “Moments” I find the real pearls in the Reserve Casks. I still havent tasted a bad Reserve Cask. But none has come up to the standard of that first cask we collected at Juuls ages ago. But that was pure magic and you can´t beat magic can you!

For you whiskynerds out there – give Sweden and Mackmyra a chance to open your tastebuds. There will soon be competition for Mackmyra since the other Swedish Whiskyprojects are getting closer to launch their “First Editions”. And there will be even more for you out there to taste!