An early friday morning    

a small car just big enough for a Mackmyra Cask and four whiskynerds headed out for a whiskyadventure in Køge and Copenhagen.

Roger had been driving 700 km from Gävle (the town close to the swedish destillery Mackmyra) and Lilian and Yfke had been driving 830 km from Ruinerwold in The Netherlands. They were to spend a few days at The Wolfmoon Residence, in Bjärlöv, Skåne, the south of Sweden. We had a few tastings planned : A Bourbon Tasting, a Mackmyra reservecask Tasting and a Japanese tasting. But more about that later on….

Back to that Fridaymorning.

We all squeezed in to the car, The Cask in the trunk and The Dutch people sleeping in the backseat! Our goals were The Braunstein Brewhouse & Destillery in Køge and collecting 57 bottles of Mackmyra Reserve at Juuls in Copenhagen.

It was a lovely day and we arrived in  Køge Harbour just after 10 in the morning.A beautiful brickbuilding met us when we arrived. It was a lot smaller then I expected. braunstein

And as Michael Dines Poulsen Braunstein explain to us – Braunstein could be a lot bigger because the international demand for this Danish whisky is very high. But he and his brother Claus who runs the destillery wants to keep it smallscale and doesn´t sell all the batches away just because they can. They leave the most for the Danish customers so “everyone” can have a taste! Another thing is that they dont speculate in the price of their own bottlings. The price is the same even if they are soon going out of stock. I like that! And when one batch is gone ….it´s gone! Another one will fill it´s space on the shelves but the one thats gone will not come back again. They haven´t got a standard whisky that will be the same year after year. New casks will bring new flavour to their Whisky.

We looked around the destillery/brewhouse and then we had the opportunity  to taste a variety of Braunstein’s recipes and caskfinishes under Michael’s guidance. You can fill a 30-litre cask and follow its maturation in some of the warehouses Braunstein has to offer. I have one favourite that I already tasted at Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival – their unpeated Oloroso Sherry Cask. It´s a private cask but they made one destillery bottling in 2011 – The Braunstein Library Collection 11:1 that is close to those small Oloroso Casks.

My friend Roger brought a used Mackmyracask to have it filled with Braunstein unpeated Oloroso Sherry. It will lay maturing in the historic grounds of Kronborg Castel in Helsingør. The very same castle where a certain young prince called Hamlet had his whereabouts according to Mr W. Shakespeare. I hope we can go visit the cask while it´s attracting flavours and historical air!

Of course we did some shopping as well.

The crown was this Bunnahabhain embassyfrom Michaels and Claus own Embassy bottling. A cask chosen on one of their flyfishingtrips to Scotland.

The other bottles I got was The Braunstein Library Collection 11:1 (my dram att the stroke of midnight 2012-2013). Its so good with all the sherrytnotes and has a lovely mouthfill. The Mikkeller Black Rumcask is very interesting (Google that one). I also got a bottle of Rum from the Rumcasks that Braunstein uses to get a nice  flavour in their Whisky and Mikkeller spirit!

I must say that the visit to Juuls Vin & Spiritus in Copenhagen was a bit of a dissappointment after the lovely visit at The Braunstein Brewhouse. At Juuls they were probably waiting for the new year rush so we wasn´t even offered a dram …… They have so many nice whiskys in that shop and sometimes the prices are very affordable. Sometimes they are not! So I didn´t get anything from them this day (have spent a fortune there on other visits though). Roger only got his 57 bottles of Mackmyra and Lilian and Yfke got themselves one of The Element of Islay bottelings and something else that I have forgotten. As you see Braunstein was the profit of this Roadtrip.

If you are going to visit one destillery outside of Scotland this year, go to Braunstein in Køge. You will have a heartwarming welcome and some lovely drams.  Oh, almost forgot to mention: – Braunstein makes Craft Beer as well. We will look in to that another time.    Bryghuset