Well we actually didn´t eat in the snow,

even if we spent quite some time in it chopping down our Christmastree and having a Bourbon coffee to warm us with after the good but cold work.

Sweden has been covered with layers and layers of snow the last weeks and today, one week before the big X-day, it starts melting….

Back to the essentials – WHISKYDINNER!Granmiddag

It was our turn to host the annual “Christmastreedinner”. We chop the tree with another family and then one of the families cook dinner and prepare for the Christmas gift exchange. This year we had the honour of hosting the event.

So what can one do to impress good friends with a taste for the exclusive and special? A three course whiskydinner accompanied with some nice beers of course!

Welcomedrink – Homemade Glögg (Glüwine) made of Chardonnay and Mackmyra Special No.8

Starter – 3 Swedish Knäckebröd (crispbread) with different toppings to  match the Whisky. We had Blanche de Namur Witbier and Braunstein Christmas ale to quench our thirst.


No.1 Arran Amaronecask – Cream cheese with Gruyère, Ruccola and Créma di Balsamico

No.2 Laphroaig Triplewood- Salmon Tartare with dill, lemon, mustard and cremefraiche.

No.3 Orangerie/Compass Box – Cream cheese with saffron, candied orangepeel and thyme.

The Blanch de Namur ( a bit flat) went surprisingly well with the salmon and Laphroaig.

Main Course – Charcoal grilled Pokfillet marinated in Smokey Islay Whisky, Ileach and Ardbeg Ten, accompanied by a whiskysause based on the same whiskies, potatowedges and a fresh salad. Ardbeg Gallileo or Alligator in the glasses and Sierra Nevada Torpedo extra Ipa and Schneider Weisse Tap 6 to wash it all down.

Dessert – Sticky Toffée Pudding with Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and Bushmill 16. A local winterbeer, kind of Christmas-spiced stout, “Charlis vinter” was perfect with the sweet Tofféesause and the spices in the sponge.

After opening the Christmasgifts we had to taste ours – Yoichi 10. Japanese acquaintances are always nice and this one particularly!121209 013

We ended the evning with a Stout-tasting at 1am. The line up wasn´t fair becuse we had a bottle of Kilkenny in it and Yes, I know it´s not a stout but a beer I enjoy down the pub (or used to…) At 1am after a tasty evening competing with a Guiness (bottled though. Not the best way to enjoy your Guinness) a Coffee Stout from Sjoerd de Haan and BrewDog Rip Tide it fell flat!

It was a dead heat between Sjoerds Stout and the Rip Tide. Way to go Sjoerd! Not bad competition there!

Today, The Day After, I´ll have to taste 6 different drams. Didn´t have time to taste the 3 adventcalendars we have yesterday so we have to catch up quickly, otherwise it will all go out of hand. Missing 2 days makes a tasting of 9…3 days=12. No, we have to keep up! Will let you know more about the calendars…when we have finished the 72+1 drams.

Now I´m going to make some “Dreams” with my youngest son. And they are almost as tasty as a Whiskydinner!