So what on earth am I heading in to? Or maybe it is heaven ahead?

I like to meet people, chat and have a good laugh. I also like to lead people, as a preschool teacher at my work or in a project of any kind. I also like to sing and be on stage (even if it was a long time since I actually did that). Last but not least, I love whisky!

Do you think that is good ground for being a tastingleader? I do, but still I´m wondering if I´m good enough (anyone else out there having that thought after throwing yourself out in the unknown?).

There will always be someone who knows “better” and who are willing to tell me that, I suppose. But my philosophy about whisky, beer, wine and other nice beverages is that you should go by your own taste. Always follow your heart and my heart says I´m going to be a great tastingleader. What bothers me is that I´m not sure if I have experience enough. Not the thing about talking to a large crowd of people (piece of cake). Not the thing about managing a company (piece of cake). No, I wonder:


I´m getting close to have tasted 300 different whiskys/whiskeys this year . Well not really but 265 and there is still a little more then one month left of 2012. I have one serious tasting booked and will have at least 3-4 informal ones as well. And not to forget the advent calendar with 24 different drams to taste (but there might be a few that I´ve already tasted).

Am I ready? Oh, yes I think so. I hope to meet you all somewhere out there and have a long nice chat about our favourite subject and of course savour the flavor of the same..