Spent last Saturday at Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival.

So how many whiskys did I taste? The answer is five. Yes five!!!!! And still it was a dream come true! I had the opportunity to work at Symposions booth with more then 250 different whiskys to serve. Symposion is a big swedish importer of whiskys and other nice beverages. They work with independent bottlers like Sansibar, Gordon MacPhail, CompasBox, The Nectar, Cross Hill and brands like Springbank, Benromach and Nikka!!!!

I was Cinderella at the ball. Quite nervous but I had a wonderful time. I think I managed quite well even though I had to dress up in a pique shirt. I´m not a piquet kind of girl but I sustained it and quickly learned how to work the cash register and put the bottle pilots on the bottles!

It´s the meetings I love the most. Someone comes up and says -I want something smokey but not like Laphroaig or Lagavulin. And I say: – I have a 21 yrs old Bowmore from Silver Seal. It has the smoke but its smooth and complex and lingeers long. If you think its too soft I have a 16 yrs old that is a bit more “spikey”…….. And when he takes a sip of the 21 yrs old tears comes into his eyes……..and I chose it for him! Wow! That feels good!

So what did I actually taste? I had a dram of our own Mackmyra extrasmoke cask. 2 years and 2 months in the cask has given it a fruity, fullbodied roundness with the smoke from the Swedish forest surrounding it all. A year or so and its ready for bottleing.

A stop at the Danish Braunstein booth knocked me of my feet. Their private Olorosocask was one of the best things I ever tasted. That will be our next cask project. Interested to join? Send me a mail!!!!

A Banff from 76 and a Laggan Mill passed quite unnoticed. Nice but nothing to hang around.

But then…..Glen Grant 1955.

The last one I tasted. Wow! A sherrybomb without any disturbing sulfur or too sour wine notes! Just sweet, full, much, fantastic and wonderful! It lingered for hours and hours. I want a bottle!!! Only 6475 sek. Well I´m not Princess yet…just Cinderella so I might have to enjoy what I have in my shelves for now……….

But who knows? Maybe a dream will come true. Maybe I managed the day in the booth so well that I will get accepted to Symposions education for Certificated Tastingleaders.

I would love to be a Princess in that Kingdom!